How Career Coaching can lead you to success—At every significant crossroad you arrive at in your career, the decisions you make are critical in terms of achieving your potential and a career coach can provide insightful counsel to guide you in the best direction possible. At Crossroads, we have over 30 years of experience providing effective coaching to individuals at every stage of their career, regardless of whether individuals are professional, technical or non-technical.  We offer a customized approach to career coaching providing the specific services you need to help guide you to a successful destination.

Here’s a list of our Career Services


“I started meeting with Jack at a time in my life when I was not sure where my career was heading. I had high aspirations for a specific occupation since I was young but I did not know how to get there from my current situation. Jack gave me the structure, guidance and encouragement I needed in order to achieve this dream goal for my life. I am proud to say I have done the work to obtain the career I always wanted and could not have done it without Jack’s expert coaching and supportive approach”.

-Ashley R.

Career Option Exploration- Whether you are just starting out or contemplating a mid-course career change, Crossroads can help determine what potential careers align with your specific competencies, attributes, interests and passions. Assessments are conducted through one on one interviews with a coach, sometimes with the use of career assessment tools if it is determined that one would be of value. The process entails exploring various career options with the end goal of getting you on the right career path to reach your true potential.

Career Goals Development Planning—You may have selected a career path but are not quite sure how to get from where you are today to your ultimate destination. It is most likely that you need a map to chart your course and a plan as to what you will need to acquire in terms of education, skill training, experience, etc to equip you for a successful journey. Crossroads will assist you in putting together a short and long term personalized development plan to increase the likelihood that you will achieve your established career goals, overcome any obstacles and arrive at your chosen destination in the shortest period of time possible.         

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance—Attempting to represent your credentials to a prospective employer for the purpose of standing out from the pack can be very challenging. Most companies now utilize some form of resume screening software with key word search capabilities. Also, recruiters in general review a resume and cover letter for about 5-10 seconds before determining whether to forward it on to a hiring manager. At Crossroads, we understand how to format your background including key word optimization in a resume to get you the immediate visibility that is needed to move you forward in the hiring process.

Job Search Strategy Development—Times have certainly changed the way you need to search for jobs and market yourself for a new opportunity in your career. Various internet sites, including social media, are the primary tools for a job search and we can help you network through this technological maze to locate your next position. Crossroads also has the connections to give your background high visibility to nearly three thousand HR professionals and recruiters in the Greater Boston Area in just a few days.

Interviewing Skills Training—Once your credentials have grabbed the attention of an organization, it is now time to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position. There are many different types of interview styles with questions that can make or break you being hired. Our approach at Crossroads is to prepare you for the most likely questioning you will encounter and coach you on your potential responses. The primary tool to accomplish this is the mock interview in which a coach will play the role of a potential employer with a result of you being fully prepared to excel during the actual interview.

Outplacement Services—For companies who unfortunately need to downsize their workforce, Crossroads can provide complete outplacement services for individuals who need assistance in finding a new position. We can be on site during notification to immediately get the employee focused on moving forward in their career attempting to diffuse the negative emotion of the moment. All of the above Crossroads services would be available to the individual over a specified period of time.