“When I was working with Crossroads, I always felt like there was a team of knowledgeable, extremely approachable people ready to help with every decision I had to make. Not only did I become confident in my choices for my academic goals, their guidance with financial aid strategies will save me thousands of dollars ”

-Keri A.

What makes us different?
Informative, personalized and caring service to our clients at a reasonable cost is what separates us from others. At Crossroads, we are committed to helping everyone with college and career choices regardless of what type of schools or careers you are considering. We create unique value in that we have expertise in all aspects of college admissions and career stages therefore enabling us to establish the critical link between the two. Our counselors, in addition to other credentials, have many years of valuable experience in both the public and private industry bringing the reality of the workplace to the guidance we provide our clients.

We are also finding that we need to do very little marketing as our clients are spreading the word about how our assistance has helped them explore and achieve a successful conclusion through the multitude of choices in the college admissions or career planning process.


“Connecting quickly with our 17 year old, Jack ignited a fire of enthusiasm in him to tackle additional achievement tests, compose admission essays and take ownership of the application process. Formerly apathetic about higher education, our son is now enthusiastic about college.”

-BB W.

Who we are
Our group consists of individuals who have a variety of backgrounds ready to respond with expertise in all subject areas of college and career choices. We are certified college counselors, human resource professionals, academic teachers, high school athletic coaches, etc. all working together for your benefit. For all who join our team, Crossroads is not a business, it is our passion.